Environmental Sustainability


Carbon, water and waste management

As a business committed towards environmental sustainability, we always ensure our operations are done with the least, reasonably possible impact to the environment.

In 2016, we commenced on a programme to measure, manage and mitigate our environmental impact through assessing our Carbon, Water and Waste Footprints. As a part of this programme SolTrim International were awarded CarbonConscious® and WasteConscious® certifications for its operations.

Our impact in terms of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) released into the atmosphere as a result of our operations were measured through the conduct of an Organisational GHG/Carbon Footprint Assessment. From GHG emissions released from fuel consumed in our Company Owned Vehicles and Generators; and Refrigerant Leakages, to Electricity consumed in our operations; Fuel consumed during deliveries of Goods Inward & Outward by Third Party Service Providers vital to the running of our business; and Fuel Consumed during our employees’ travelling to and from work, the assessment looked at both direct and indirect emissions sources.

A Water Footprint Assessment was conducted to identify the total impact of our operations in terms of water consumption and wastage, measured as our Blue Water Footprint – water consumed in our operations that is obtained from the National Water Supply and Drainage Board; and Grey Water Footprint – overall impact of polluted water generated from our factory.

In an effort to manage our waste better, we conducted a detailed Waste Audit to track our waste streams (generation points to disposal) for all types of waste generated within the factory premises that included Paper & Cardboard, Plastic & Polythene, Label related waste and Food waste.

On completion of the three assessments/audits, comprehensive Management Plans and systems were put in place to work towards reducing our Carbon, Water and Waste Footprints, overseen by a newly formed Sustainability Team with staff from all aspects of our operations, assigned with reduction targets. Our progress will be updated here following the re-assessments/audits of our operations next year.

The CarbonConscious® and WasteConscious® certifications were awarded by The Sustainable Future Group – a sustainability verification and certification body, and the assessments/audits were conducted by an independent sustainability solutions provider, The Carbon Consulting Company.